In the early 1970's while enrolled at the University of Texas School of Architecture, I was able to spend time in Europe during the summers. While there I was both awed and enamored with the beauty and durability of the structures and public spaces, built of natural stone. The buildings and their surrounding plazas are still as usable and inspiring as they were back in the times they were built.

Since then, I've worked as a Landscape Architect, Project Manager and Contractor, the last 20 years in business for myself. During this time I have worked extensively with stone and have become even more aware that its diverse uses, both aesthetic and functional, have only barely begun to be considered. Technology is constantly changing the methods of recovering and shaping stone.

In 1986 I designed and supervised the installation of a residential landscape that needed a particular color range and size combination of stone. Using samples from a local stone yard, I arrived at an agreement for them to supply the required stone. The broken promises for delivery, the cost, and finally the disappointment of having to reject the stone once it arrived at the local supplier, because it was the wrong color, was frustrating. The only way to get the project back on schedule was to go to the quarry and select the stone myself, rather than rely on out-of-date samples carried by local suppliers. I arranged for shipment directly to the jobsite, and my clients not only got what they wanted, they got it for less money!

I can buy the very best stone available and know exactly what is coming out of the ground right now only by buying in person. Since I ship directly to the jobsite I can save clients the indirect costs of shipping to a local yard, unloading (possibly damaging stone), reloading and delivery, plus the added cost of real estate, insurance, employees, scales, forklifts, utilities, etc.

If you have a project that calls for more than 20 tons, or 2,000 square feet of natural building stone, let me show you the personal, "hands on" service that doesn't have to cost you more. It truly is "quality by the ton"!

Gary W. Stocks